Sound Medicine Album

45 minutes of deeply healing, guiding, and clearing. Wonderful for meditation.

Sound Medicine Album

This is 45 minutes of deeply healing, guiding, grounding, clearing tones, with whales, crystal bowls, flute and keyboard.

Powerful Healing Sounds


Wonderful for meditation, healing treatments, water sound table sessions, and moving meditation.


I composed this album with the intention that the collection of sound healing songs would be received in one sitting / session / meditation. This album consists of 6 phases. 

Phase 1 - Guided, toning, and instrumental healing session.

Phase 2 - Toning and instrumental healing sounds.

Phase 3 - Acapella Toning

Phase 4 - Tones and keyboard to balance each chakra, starting with the note C (base chakra), D - 2nd chakra, E - 3rd Chakra, F - 4th Chakra, G  - 5th Chakra, A - 6th Chakra, and B for the 7th Chakra

Phase 5 - Instrumental and Whales

Phase 6 - Just Whales


If you are very sensitive I recommend not listening to this music if you are operating heavy machinery or doing surgery.

If you are having surgery I recommend listening to this music before, during, and after surgery. Use headphones while in surgery, so the doctors and nurses do not hear these sounds and go into altered states while performing your surgery.

Use caution while consuming these sounds while driving. 


Options: Download or get a  Physical CD


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Track List
1. Phase One
2. Toning and Instrumental - Phase Two
3. Acapella - Phase Three
4. Balance Chakras - Phase Four
5. Instrumental and Whales - Phase Five
6. Whales - Phase Six

Sound Medicine Album