The New Manhood Codes

A series of 6 video and audio classes helping men use their energetic sensitivity to thrive.

The New Manhood Codes

Be Successful, Full-filled, Empowered, Appreciated, and Supported

A series specifically designed for men.

The New Manhood Codes

1. Honor Yourself (Honor)

2. Free Yourself  (Freedom)

3. Appreciate Yourself (Appreciation)

4. Commit to Yourself  (Commitment/Fulfilled

5. Connect with Yourself (Connection)


5 recorded hour long webinars

Daily Practices to Support The transformation

22 additional Meditations


After 20 years of working with men I have observed 5 classic challenges almost every man faces. 

Over time I have developed five simple steps that can help men create the successful lives they desire.


Implement these simple steps and watch your life transform and start soaring.

The series is focused on bringing in tools for living a healthier, happier, more successful life. 

The New Manhood Codes