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Connecting with Your Team

Use this meditation to connect with your Team. Your Team are beings of love and light that are in another dimension and are here to help you and buffer energy. 

  • Use your breath to pull yourself into your divine line.
  • Lift all your reference points, anchors, and awareness back to your divine line.
  • Travel up your divine line to your Higher Self.
  • Connect with your Team at the level of their Higher Self.
  • Invite your Team to bring all their awareness back to their divine lines.
  • Invite your Team to recognize their positions, and to buffer, support, and protect themselves and model that to you.
  • Set up grids of connection between you and your Team.
  • Invite your Team to activate the vibration of connection and empowerment as they encircle you.
  • Activate the vibration of connection in your divine line.
  • Allow for the connection to happen up high between you and your Team.
  • Invite your Team to activate the vibration of their essence in their own divine line, as well as divine boundaries, gifts, wisdom, and mastery.
May you feel the love, connection, and support from the beings of love and light that surround you in another realm. They are always with you, even if you are not conscious of their presence. 



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User Comments

Love the meditations, the music....not as much.
With the fabulous explanatory Breath meditation yesterday and this one I think I'm finally beginning to FEEL the breath-Divine Line Connection. Ahhhhh
Through you Aleya, I have realized the importance of connecting and inviting our team in, even though they are always with us. Thank you beautiful messenger of light!
It's always great to zen out with my team. I'm learning to utilize them more. :)
Feeling very harnonious and calm, thank you again!

Recorded 08/13/2014