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Heal, Realign, and Reconnect

Use this Cup to deeply heal, rest, realign, reconnect, and hold the vibrations you desire inside yourself so you can draw them to you in your outer world. This Cup is perfect to for holding a supportive energy inside yourself.

  • Take a deep breath in and pull all of your energy and awareness into this present breath of now.
  • Invite your spiritual guides, advisers, and spiritual family to encircle you and hold a sacred healing space. 
  • Invite them activate healing sounds, vibrations, and a sacred healing space for you.
  • Invite your Higher Self to connect with these beings of love and light.
  • Invite your angelic guides to activate appropriate sacred shapes, sounds, and light that have the capacity to clean your fields, align you, and help you reconnect internally with your divine light.
  • Invite your Team to invoke and activate the appropriate sacred spheres, healing holograms, sounds, and light that can help them clean their fields, realign, reorient, and cultivate a deeper connection with their essence.
  • Activate the qualities that have the capacity to support you In your divine line.
May you cleanse, renew, and be inspired in a beautiful and profound way.


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User Comments

I like the mix of longer and shorter meditations - this is a great quick one to help us refocus in the right way. Thank you!
I am finding that the desire to have something manifest in the world (e.g. approval) is not necessarily what I truly desire - to approve of myself no matter what the world thinks.
This was perfect and beautiful. I so needed it. Thank you
Thank you!!!!!
I liked the texture of the recording, hard to put into words, I could feel dimensional shifts, kind of like doors with mirrors, one behind another, behind another and so on, music and voice right from the start, really well done, thank you Aleya.
So beautiful !

Recorded 01/30/2017