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Release Fusion and Confusion with Another

Release co-dependent relationships. Move into healthy co-creative relationships with others. Heal any relationship that you have with another that is not in balance. When we energetically fuse with another, we get confused and the relationship gets messy. This is a great energetic protocol for healing current or past issues with others.

  • Consciously think of one relationship that you have in your life that needs healing.
  • Energetically locate all responsibilities that you are carrying for that person.
  • Return those responsibilities to their right and perfect place, along with all relevant and appropriate information.
  • Retrieve all responsibilities that you have given to them.
  • Return all fragments in a whole and healed state.
  • Bring in a sacred sphere of light around the two of you.
  • Dissolve all cords, release all fusion, release the negative karma, and dissolve the trauma.
  • Bring all reference points for connection and love back to your divine line.
  • Invite your Higher Self and their Higher Self to bring in energetic grids that support a healthy relationship.
  • Heal all old wounds between you and them in the higher realms.
This is a toolbox one. I got so immersed in the protocols that I forgot to tone on this one.


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Don’t we just need be present to find the present?
I don’t understand the explanation about going back to the past to obtain information about moving forward in the present/future
A week of WOWs. The 1st an essenital. Very special support in the second along with a soothing melody. And perfect snippit.
Just amazing, thank you so much Aleya. The second and third ones in particular are perfectly timed for me this week - feeling so grateful for you :)
Loved the first and last one. So helpful....but what is the story? You ended the last snippet with, "I'm going to tell you a story"....LOL!
Thank you, Aleya! ;)
Lisa C.

Recorded 02/22/2012