Transformation and Spiritual Growth

7 min. audio meditation with energetic protocols and sound healing to help the process of energetic transformation and spiritual growth.

Find Flow, Calm, Clear Third Chakra Transformation

This meditation feels like everything but the kitchen sink. When I tuned into the energy for this Cup I felt an excitement, overwhelm, irritation, and acceleration. This is a mini-tune up to help us find our center and release the irritation.

  • Infuse a higher vibrational light quotient into the energy field of the mental body.
  • Move the lower vibrations of impatience, anger, confusion, and irritation into a higher realm where it can help you move forward in an empowering and efficient way.
  • Hold awareness as your Higher Self converts that energy (emotion) into a useful current.
  • Invite the mind of your Higher Self to gain clarity with your process, to understand it in the higher realms, and reflect that clarity down to you here.
  • Tones to help the third charka dissolve any congestion.
  • Activate the vibration of your Soul's strength, courage, and power in the divine line.
  • Hold an awareness in your divine line, and explore your Essence.
  • Reference point your perfection, connection, and safety in your divine line.
  • Activate the vibration of your Soul's wisdom within you and around you.

May you find your center and a deep calm.

Audio Sample


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Comments & Discussion

Absolutely wonderful & Perfect timing! Thank you sooo much, Aleya...
April 16th 2014
The Energy is Divine Aleya!! I look forward to my meditations with you every morning. Always grateful! Thank you,, :)
April 16th 2014
Altered state is for sure! That was incredible. Ah---so glad to be back with the daily cups!!!!
April 16th 2014
Thank you for all your feedback. I had a heck of a time editing it last night :) I kept going into an altered state.... it took me twice as long to get the edits done than normal. This one has a swoosh, swirl, clearing to it. Aleya
April 16th 2014
I was ready to receive equal to my giving...yes! More please...
April 16th 2014
OMG tis no wonder your email jumped out of 40,000 emails...Several years accumulation...DIVINELY ORDERED!!! U was ready to dance with Spirit in Higher places and your daily cups of consciousness gives me.thank you seems so empty when trying to express gratitude for keeping your spirit clear so that you might continually channel at such an extraordinary level...HALLELUJAH. ..
April 16th 2014
Wonderous!!!! Kim
April 16th 2014
Perfect....thank you.
April 16th 2014
I fee so centered and relaxed after this meditation. Thank you.
April 16th 2014