Transformation and Spiritual Growth

7 min. audio meditation with energetic protocols and sound healing to help the process of energetic transformation and spiritual growth.

Open to an Inner Alignment

Open to receive a deep inner alignment. Move to higher ground, re-calibrate your energetic compass, link onto a path of greater love, joy, and support. Now is the time to make the inner move up and in.

  • Energetically locate the alignment that is occurring in the higher realms at this time.
  • Bring in the appropriate energetic support systems, and consciousness that can help you move into alignment for this energetic shift.
  • Align all of the chakra system to this higher frequency.
  • Open to receive higher frequency codes.
May you enjoy deep alignment as you move forward to higher ground.


Audio Sample


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Comments & Discussion

While listening to this it was like I felt (as opposed to thought) all the past and future lessons that challenged or confused me fitting together finally. Like I finally got all the sides to match on a Rubik's cube. Very comforting for me!! THANK YOU!!!
December 12th 2012
Oooooo! Very smooth! Nice!
Looking forwared to this evenings 'what's going on' Cup!!!! Kim
December 12th 2012