Weight Loss Audio Downloads

Download the audio files for energetic support in weight loss. 30 to 40 minute sessions with energetic tools for weight loss.

Communication, Will Power, and Love Weight Loss Session

This session focuses on...

  • Opening the lines of communication
  • Healing all of the will centers in the body
  • Following through with your intentions of losing weight
  • Resetting the body weight.
  • Releasing the body from having to hold energetic protection in the fat cells.
  • Releasing the grief from the throat and the hips and trying to use food as a way to process emotions.
  • Bringing in the 7 points of orientation for balance and stabilization.
  • Staying linked and supported with your intentions for weight loss.
  • Along with a few other gems.

Once you have placed this order you will receive an e-mail with the link to download the audio file. 

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