Weight Loss Audio Downloads

Download the audio files for energetic support in weight loss. 30 to 40 minute sessions with energetic tools for weight loss.

Deep Dreamtime Healing for Weight Loss

Increase will, access the inner world, decrease sugar cravings, and find the vitality and strength for following your weight loss intentions.


This powerful session includes...

  • Healing the timing and communication systems within the body, digestion, and food.
  • Activating the magnetic matrix of light.
  • Increasing the will so you do not lose the diet as the evening approaches.
  • Healing the third chakra and activate the vibration of self love.
  • Accessing the inner dream world more easily without using food.
  • Healing and balance the metabolism.

Once you have placed this order you will receive an e-mail with the link to download the audio file. 

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