Whale Meditations

7 minute audio meditations with whales songs and energetic protocols to help you using the Whale medicine.

Drop Deeply into the OM

And sometimes you just need to OM through it...

Use this meditation to help with deep inner re-calibration. You may be experiencing body shifts and/or outer shifts to which your mind may not know all the answers...yet.

Use this OM-ing cup to drop out of the mind and into a deeply grounded place, so that all that needs to shift can shift and re-align and release. Come into a state of surrendering to the OM. From that place clarity flows. When I tune into the power of the OM it feels like a sound that has the ability to dissolve any perceptions where we may feel separate. It has the ability to bring us back into a state of connection, soften and open the heart, and move us into a state of allowing for the support in all realms.

More On The OM

"Om is considered to be the supreme mantra. It can also be spelled out as Aum - both are considered correct, but most people find Om preferable because of the issue of pronunciation. The "O" is meant to be pronounced as the long "O" sound, as in "home" and "lone." To many people, it is the basis of all sound in the universe. The Purpose of Om is used as a mantra or chant. It is meant to be used in mediation and daily life. Chanting Om, according to believers, will give you a sweet voice, keep you from being depressed, remove distractions and worldly thoughts, and give you power. It is suggested that you chant it as you walk, or sing it whenever you begin to feel unhappy."


Audio Sample


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Comments & Discussion

Absolutely beautiful, thank you Aleya. OM resonates in every cell of my body. I love this OM.
September 24th 2012
Beautiful...thank you Dear Aleya...♥
September 24th 2012
Thank you for the Om! I just wanted to mention how much I enjoyed watching your interview in San Francisco! Thank you Aleya!
September 24th 2012
I havent been looking forward to working with my supervisor at all today. I listen to meditations and whatever is sent to my inbox daily, and I can say it feels like the Oming is peeling layers of negativity away that has been inflicted on me, and makes me feel a whole lot lighter. I love this good feeling of light. Thanks for Oming Aleya :)
September 24th 2012
Feel free to share your feedback here... Aleya
September 24th 2012
I recommend chanting along. It can put you into a very calm and slightly altered state very quickly. The whales are singing in the background. There is a ton of healing happening in the higher realms right now. We will be spending the next three months healing the past, before we get launched into a very "new" energy in January. Aleya
September 24th 2012