Whale Meditations

7 minute audio meditations with whales songs and energetic protocols to help you using the Whale medicine.
Body Move Into Right Timing with the Nature Realm
Use this lovely Cup to slow down and find the magical flow. Slow down, quiet the mind, increase grounding and support,
$3.00 USD
Use the Sounds of the Whales and Dolphines to Clean A Space and Objects
Use this double-shot and the etheric sounds of the whales and dolphins to cleanse all of the objects and spaces
$3.00 USD
Vibrational Sound Bath Recalibration
This Cup helps you to set a new vibrational intention using a vibrational sound healing bath. As you listen to this sound
$3.00 USD
Lions Gate Activation 08-08-22
Today is the Lions Gate. The Lions Gate happens every year on 08-08. There is a portal opening today between Earth and
$3.00 USD