Whale Meditations

7 minute audio meditations with whales songs and energetic protocols to help you using the Whale medicine.

Healing Light Language and Whales - Aquarian Embrace

Find deep peace, inner stillness, and locate the inner home with this sweet light language and the whale song. Life may feel like it is accelerating, clarity is on the rise, and movement forward is activating. As we are propelled forward find a deep grounded and connected vibration inside.

Let yourself be held, healed, and supported with these sounds.

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Comments & Discussion

I am touched deeply by this recording. To me it has all the qualities of an ancient mantra. Thank you for sharing this combination of sounds. Jai Ram
June 15th 2012
nancy q
I could listen to this one all day! Beautiful, peaceful, calming, soothing, healing...
June 15th 2012
OMG, perfection, heaven here on earth, you did it with this one!! Love it!! Salo
June 14th 2012
Patty Kirk
I found myself reading on how to train my new puppy and listening to the whales and you signing in the background, before I knew it, the sound stopped and I realized I felt something I had very rarely felt before, like an inner peace. I have been under stress on how to train this little guy and if I can. I think these sessions will help.
Thank you Aleya
June 14th 2012
Beautiful. Thank you, Aleya.
June 14th 2012