Whale Meditations

7 minute audio meditations with whales songs and energetic protocols to help you using the Whale medicine.

Receive Messages From Above

Use this Cup of toning, light language, whales, humming birds, and rain to help you drop into a place of stillness and receive messages from the angelic ones in a higher realm. As you move in the day use your focus and energy to be still within and hold a quiet compassion space for yourself and those in your life. Listen to this Cup with high-quality headphones if you can.


This Cup is simple, calming, and cleansing (no words, just toning).



Audio Sample


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oh, I have to follow suit here, that was also my reason why I found you Aleya, I was looking for a sound healer :) ... and I found so much more . . . . and my life changed totally :)
October 23rd 2017
October 23rd 2017
And this is why I came to you in the first place, for the energetic healing through sound, and tone. I love this one. It really rolls through the body. Thank you!
October 23rd 2017