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Full Moon Empowerment Codes, Grounding, and Clarity

Happy Full Moon!

This is a powerful time to release, shift, and reconnect. Use this Cup to ground, increase clarity, and activate a grid of empowerment around you.

  • Take a few deep breaths into your belly and gather all of your energy and awareness into this present breath of now.
  • Hold your awareness in your divine line.
  • Invite the Higher Self of you, your body, and Team to connect with the essence of the Moon.
  • Take a moment to imagine and allow some energetic aspect of you, your body, and Team to connect with the Moon and open to receive the tendrils of the energetic sounds, frequencies, light, and energetic codes that are coming from the Moon to activate a grid of empowerment within you in a gentle, graceful, and supportive way.
  • Tones and light language to assist you in receiving these energetic codes and frequencies coming from the Moon.
  • Ground yourself by firmly attaching your divine line to the front of your spine.
  • Invite your body ground in its own unique way that is empowering.
  • Activate a current of clarity in the divine line of you, your body, and Team.
  • First look internally and connect with a clean, clear current within you and you will then have clarity in the outer world.

May you hold a grounded, clear, and empowered stance as you move in the day, sleep, dream, and play.


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