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Full Moon and Lunar Eclipse

Celebrate a full moon and lunar eclipse with this cup. A lunar eclipse supports the release and completion energy. Complete tasks, clear old patterns, empty out, let go of the pains and losses from the past. This meditation has the ability to support us in releasing the lack held in the base chakra and activating a more supportive foundation upon which to stand.

  • Locate a higher vibrational grounding grid that is coming in with the Full Moon.
  • Infuse the higher frequency into your magnetics and base chakra
  • Spin base chakra in counter-clockwise direction
  • Tones for cleaning and clearing

Wishing you focus to complete tasks and release that which no longer serves.


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Was hoping for a lunar eclipse meditation today. Thank you, Aleya. I am feeling more calm today after Tall Cups last night. It was wonderful, as usual. You are a treasure. Love, Phyllis
November 28th 2012