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Relay Information to the Higher Realms

Have you been feeling that you need to call someone, send an email or tell someone something, yet our mind cannot identify who it is and who you need to tell?

Send more energetic updates about how it feels in this realm to the beings that are helping in the higher realms. The angelic realm is requesting more data. Invite yourself to take a few moments today, and over the next few days, or whenever you get that "feeling," and send the information you hold to the ones of love and light on the other side. They will thank you and the physical realm will stabilize as they get more information.

  • Energetically locate all information that you have gathered that has the capacity to assist the being that are serving from a place of love and light on the other side.
  • Energetically send all relevant and appropriate information to the other side.
  • Hold your awareness in your divine line.
Trust that some other part of you knows the what and the where.


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