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Release the Fear of Being Attacked

This is one for the tool box.

This might not be something you need today but it may come up for you in the future.

Hold a vibration of protection and empowerment. Move out of the fear of the victim or of being attacked and move into the compassionate empowered warrior. When people get stressed and feel disoriented fear arises and anger can be the first tool people reach for when they are trying to cope. Protect yourself as those around you spin. Try to hold compassion and empowerment. As we choose the path of love and happiness we move into greater degrees of empowerment. When we move up the "power" ladder we can find ourselves calling in an "attack" energy, kind of like challenging the new ground on which we stand. Release the fear and magnetic attraction as you hold greater inner power.

  • Energetically locate any energy that you perceive or fear is attacking you.
  • Return all fragments, relay all relevant and appropriate information, return all responsibilities, and release all empathic sensitivity.
  • Release all curses, hexes, spells, and all negative karma.
  • Activate all spiritual lessons.
  • Update your reference points.
  • Bring your tools, wisdom, and mastery around you.
  • Bring in the sacred shape of your essence around you.
  • Hold personal responsibility for your own journey.
  • Release others from teaching you empowerment.
Invite your Higher Self to heal your relationships in the higher realms.


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