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11/13/2017 - Peace Protocol [2630]

This is a triple dose of magic. The first cup is a daily practice that you can use to cultivate greater peace inside yourself. The second cup is in honor of the convergence of Venus and Jupiter.

  • Hold your awareness in your divine line.
  • Activate a greater current of peace in the divine line of you, your body, and Team.
  • Hold your awareness deep within you.
  • Be only attached and responsible for your own peace.
  • Invite your body and Teams to do the same.
  • Feel how the peace that flows within you sooths and protects you.
May you hold peace inside yourself and model that in the world.


2017 Brought Up the Core Issue That You Have

2017 Brought Up the Core Issue That You Have

Venus Love

Sip on this second cup to embrace the love that emanates from Venus in each moment. The planet of love and money.


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Comments & Discussion

KarenaVenus Love is so beautiful! Thank you Aleya!November 13th 2017
tereseBingo! I knew this but I didn’t really KNOW it.... being of service , being in my divine line and modeling energetic answer.... thanks you thank you thank you! Now the journey continues to practice this so it becomes automatic. 😀November 13th 2017
a1skyekatJust Beautiful...Thank you! xoNovember 13th 2017
AleyaWonderful. So glad they resonate. AleyaNovember 13th 2017
healingwithmarymagdaleneI’m never aloneNovember 13th 2017
alannahAmazing! I like all three and the sound quality is very good. Thank you Aleya.November 13th 2017
NatalieWhat a perfect way to start the week !November 13th 2017
terriThe Venus song brought tears to my eyes. Sooooo, beautiful and loving! Thank you!November 13th 2017
infoLove this triple dose of magic! If feels so soothing and yet so empowering!November 13th 2017
Recorded 11/13/2017
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