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11/14/2017 - Manifesting Magic [2632]

These cups are all about abundance. 3 cups in 1!

Get out your wand, use the solar energies, Venus, and the Moon to manifest using your electrical and magnetic grids, the heart of Earth, and the Sun. The Sun throws off huge spurts of electrical energy. This pumps up our electrical girds that flow from above and connect at the waist. When electrical energy increases we want to increase the magnetic grids that flow from the heart of Earth up to our waist. Connect with the heart of Earth and increase your magnetics to the magnitude of your electrical grids and be a manifesting, magical, abundant, giggling person of glee.

  • Tones to increase the magnetics and have the Earth reflect the same amount of energy that is coming from the Sun be held in your magnetics.
  • Balance this electrical energy and magnetic energy just below the second chakra in the dantien, mingmen, and woo qi.
  • Inhale just below the umbilicus (belly button) into the second chaka. Imagine a figure 8 energy horizontally flowing there.
  • Calibrate your ears.
  • Balance your energy fields with this balance of electrical and magnetic energy.

May you bask in the support of the Sun, Venus, and Earth.



Activate Your Joy Point

Use this second cup to activate your joy and passion.

Manifest Abundance From Abundance

Use this third cup to manifest from a place of abundance.


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Comments & Discussion

deb with wingsPerfect complement to locating my Dan Tien truly and maybe for the first time.December 17th 2017
kathyaYou have given me tools for releasing anger, understanding where that is coming from and helping me release those I have been holding responsible for spiritual lessons which allow me to move into gratitude even when the chaos that swirls around me resists and then these cups...helping me recover something you have told me I have mastered--joy. Reclaiming this gift in loving kindness has been so powerful for me. You always remind me that my responsibility is with me....thank you for your service and place on my path.November 14th 2017
MicheleAhhhhh magnet manifest and joy point.....two of my favorite meditations! Perfect way to start the day! Joy to alll!November 14th 2017
Recorded 04/04/2011
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