About the Daily Cup of Consciousness Meditations

The daily meditations are 5 to 7 minute audio files that are delivered to your e-mail box each weekday morning.

In each audio file there are energetic protocols and sound healing that assist you in moving into greater states of peace, balance, and empowerment.

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Daily Meditations Benefit You in Many Ways        

Activate your energetic intelligence.
Receive POTENT energetic healing and activations each day.
Stay in balance and gracefully evolve.
Increase clarity.
Increase inner peace.
Increase energy levels. Release fatigue.
Receive assistance in manifesting your dreams.
Move ahead in your life.
Be moved into a state of Grace every day!
Each meditation is unique. 
"Feel" these meditations from the heart as opposed to the mind.

Listen to a sample daily meditation

Calm the Heart and Mind


The daily meditations help you stay energetically balanced, stabilized, and updated.  

Each meditation activates energy and alignments that bring in a "new" way of being.  

Think about the frustration of upgrading your computer.  

Without guidance, a lot of experience, or knowledge, the upgrade can be confusing and frustrating.  

The same is true for upgrading your life as you spiritually evolve.

The best spent five minutes of your day!

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Start feeling a positive and profound shift in your life.

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"I am so grateful for your daily meditations. Linking up with you has been a significant moment in my life and spiritual evolution. Your daily meditations have been a calming, cleansing and healing aspect of my day for quite a few months now.  Thank you for the work you do."  Meg in Australia

"I am filled with energy and peace when I listen to your daily meditations. Thank you so much... Love and Light, abundant prosperity for you, sweet Angel."  Alannah, Santa Barbara, CA

"Your meditations are so in sync with my moods and self-perceived obstacles!  I just listened to Friday's meditation (its now Sunday). Before and even during listening, I was tuning into a thought-loop in my head that was moaning about the frustration of not having time or energy to push my life forward more dramatically. I kept looping it over and over during the meditation like an inner cry until the final part where you spoke about gentle, graceful transformation, breath by breath. I so needed to be reminded that not all change is earthquake/volcanic-eruption like, and nor do I really want it to be. Thank you!!!!!!!! Your meditations continue to serve me in a really profound way." M.R Australia

The daily meditations give you the information you need without you having to do anything mental.  The meditations work at your energetic level outside of your physical consciousness.  As you receive information energetically, it moves into your emotional, mental, and physical states of being.  With consistent listening, you will feel support and guidance literally welling up from deep within you.

I started listening to Aleya's meditations a couple of months ago. I am a massage therapist and I deal with a lot of people’s energies. The meditations have helped me to feel more centered within myself and have given me a lot of peace.  K.C.

I feel like every meditation every morning is directed perfectly for me. Thank you Aleya!  H.M.
The daily meditations are a wonderful way to support your spiritual "upgrade."
When you sign up you will receive an e-mail every weekday morning with a link to the audio daily meditation.

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