Classes & Retreats

Aleya's Classes and TALL Cups of Consciousness energy-balancing sessions are both "timely" and "timeless." 
You can participate live or access the past recorded sessions. You can choose from the catalog items that is most appropriate for any current challenges or goals you may have.

Aleya offers a variety of topic-specific classes designed to assist you in the area you are needing the most support or shifts.                                                                                                                                 

You can also do search-by-topic in the search field at the main 
Store catalog overview page HERE to discover items that can assist in specific areas you wish to shift.  

 THE 7 GATEWAYS (Seven Cups of Consciousness) ONLINE COURSE:  The 7 Gateways are principles Aleya uses both in her healing work and personal life.  Aleya offers online classes about these principles.  Each principle opens the doorway to access a higher energy that holds a higher consciousness.  All the principles are inter-connected. Used together they assist you in living a more empowered, conscious life.  The principles reveal why we have the experiences we do and how we can shift our energy, habits, patterns, and belief systems to shift ourselves into a more enjoyable, soul-aligned life.
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TALL CUPS OF CONSCIOUSNESS: hour-long energetic healing sessions online / live-streaming every 3 weeks.

Participate by phone or internet.  Learn more about the TALL Cups HERE.

To join in the Upcoming TALL Cups or purchase & download past sessions, go HERE.  

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(Aleya's recommends the following groups for DOLPHIN and WHALE experiences:)

Wild QuestDragon Fly Ranch on Big Island



"I wanted to express my deep gratitude for the beautiful tele-class you offered last night. I found it to be remarkably clear, concise, inspiring, and healing.

I can't thank you enough. I will definitely stay tuned for your future offerings. I already highly recommend your Daily Meditations to my clients and now I will also alert them of your tele-classes."   ~Maura