One on One Session with a 7 Cups of Consciousness Practitioner

Each practitioner has studied with Aleya exclusively for 3 years or more. They have each completed 2 year intensive practitioner training with Aleya as well as being coached on utilizing the protocols in their one on one sessions.

Michelle Magid

Mastering Self-Love and Embodying Self-Worth


How to Love Yourself Completely in a Deep and Lasting Way


Do you desire to...

     *love yourself fully?

     *quiet the self-critic once and for all?

     *not be effected by other's opinions or lack of showing you love?

     *embody self-confidence that supports you in all your creative endeavors?

     *share your gifts and serve others by doing your work in the world?

     *know your self-worth beyond a doubt, shining your beauty inside and out?


Did you answer with an emphatic, YES! to any of these? 

Then you are ready, for amazing transformations and discoveries on the journey of loving you!

Learn “How To” by using simple yet gentle innovative energetic tools.


Imagine:  Living the life of your dreams.  You are confident and love yourself so deeply it shines and radiates from your entire being.  You are inspired and inspire others with your passions and gifts.  Others are drawn to you like a magnet and you find love and validation comes to you from many sources.  You are happy, content and living from a place of self-awareness.  No matter what someone else says to you or about you, you are unshaken as you know and love yourself completely.


My passion is supporting women who are seeking to love themselves more fully, finding their self-worth and quieting the self-critic.  Once that’s established, then focus can shift to fully embodying one’s creative energy and living your purpose with meaning and sharing your service with the world.  I hold a safe and compassionate space and guide you to discover your light and essence, your deep and lasting love for yourself.  I listen with an open heart so healing can naturally occur.


About Me: I’ve had my own journey to self-love and completely understand being in the self-critic and desiring to love myself fully.  I spent years yearning to find and connect to that love and tried everything I could, and when I fell short, was even more critical of myself.  When I began working with Aleya and learning the Seven Cups of Consciousness tools, I had just come to a place of waking up to loving myself.  However, I’d done it in a very difficult and traumatic way and I was a long way from mastering and embodying it fully, along with quieting that pesky self-critic.  I now know there is an easier way and would be honored to support you in your process of loving yourself fully and completely.


I’m a certified Seven Cups of Consciousness practitioner, spiritual minister, mentor and coach, energy practitioner, teacher and Ayurvedic Specialist.  I’ve been working and serving in the healing arts for over 25 years.


I will be honored to work with you, if you choose.  Are you ready?


Many Blessings,


You can book one free introductory session with one practitioner on the platform.

If you have already worked with this practitioner you are not eligable for a free introductory session.

(You can't book one free introductory session with multiple practitioners, just one.)

75 minutes: $185.00
Free 30 min. Introductory Session: $0.00

Michelle's loving and accepting presence allows for the healing of the self critic and greater movement into self love.

L.S. 07/11/2022
Working with Michelle feels like being held in a gentle and safe space to explore my most tender areas. Her style is nurturing and delicate which allows for deep healing and profound shifts.
K.M. 07/11/2022
Michelle attunes to questions intuitively and brings forth a unique perspective to assist you in understanding and cultivating deeper levels of awareness.
A. 07/11/2022
75 minutes: $185.00
Free 30 min. Introductory Session: $0.00

Michelle's Mastery - Introduction
Mastering Self-Love with Michelle