One on One Session with a 7 Cups of Consciousness Practitioner

Each practitioner has studied with Aleya exclusively for 2 years or more. They have each completed a one year intensive practitioner training with Aleya as well as being coached on utilizing the protocols in their one on one sessions. Please contact the practitioners via the site once you have booked a session with them. Please do not contact them on their social media platforms because they may not check their messages regularly. Thank you.

Kim McNaughton

Thrive in Your Business

Create an abundant and personally empowered business life with the support of energetic protocols. Experience the flow and ease you have been seeking. Tap into the energetics of your business to create a business you love for greater impact without stress, confusion, or overwhelm.

I have always been aware of my intuitive side but I didn't really nurture that aspect of myself until I was in my early 30's. I felt something was missing from my life and one lonely Saturday night I started my search on the internet with "energy medicine". Living near Boulder returned so many results! So I began my journey to find the missing piece.  I made my way through several certifications starting as a Reiki practitioner, and then immersing myself in a year-long Shamanic medicine wheel course. I took classes at Boulder Psychic Institute and so much more! I met some amazing, like-minded friends, one of which introduced me the Seven Cups of Consciousness in 2012. Since then I've continued my deep dive into other modalities but the one constant, steady practice has been Aleya's body of work. I can now say I found what I was looking for.


Do you…

 * spend too much time in your business life for it to be draining;

 * feel stuck or unfocused with the next steps of your business journey;

 * need help finding clarity when it comes to deciding what is next;

 * want to escape the overwhelm from the lack of focus and clear direction;

 * feel frustrated with why you can't seem to move beyond a certain goal?

I can help!


Experience a safe container and energetic protocols that help you make the shift to be able to actualize your business goals. Together we work to find the energetic root of your challenge and then apply the most aligned protocol to assist with transforming this challenge. That might include retrieving your power nuggets, gifts, wisdom, mastery, grids or your creative fabric. We might want to set energetic boundaries, or activate desired vibrations. This work is highly personalized and each session is cultivated for your specific need and situation. I combine my corporate, and coaching business experience with the Seven Cups of Consciousness practices to bring you this unique offering.


Let me help you thrive in business using these powerful tools.


Experience and Credentials

25+ year corporate background in Operations Program Management focusing on Process and Systems

Seven Cups of Consciousness Certified Master Practitioner

Certified Online Business Manager (OBM)

Certified ICF Coach

Certified Human Potential Coach 

75 minutes: $185.00
Free 30 min. Introductory Session: $0.00

75 minutes: $185.00
Free 30 min. Introductory Session: $0.00