One on One Session with a 7 Cups of Consciousness Practitioner

Each practitioner has studied with Aleya exclusively for 2 years or more. They have each completed a one year intensive practitioner training with Aleya as well as being coached on utilizing the protocols in their one on one sessions. Please contact the practitioners via the site once you have booked a session with them. Please do not contact them on their social media platforms because they may not check their messages regularly. Thank you.

Karyn DoveHawk

Use the elements of Nature to re-connect and love the wilderness of you within

Do you struggle with finding your voice? Maybe you identify strongly in being a feminist and yet your relationships don’t reflect that yet? Do you adore mother nature and all of her gifts, find solace in her embrace … while still you know there’s a wildness in you that hasn’t come out yet in all her glory – in fact, the wild woman within might be kept at bay for fear of her ruining everything (your relationships, your career, your identity)? Are you becoming increasingly aware of a regular low-grade worry and irritation?  

Become FREE . . . realize and embody a new sense of freedom that carries you out of worry and irritation. Become EMPOWERED to find your voice and use it. Learn how BALANCE and INNER PEACE can be cultivated within. This is true for your strong emotions, and your need to be seen and heard inside your relationships. The end result is you, sovereign: the number one answer women give to men when asked what we truly truly want!

Working with me, you will experience an amazing mix of guidance, using Aleya’s strong energetic medicine protocols and my energetic attunements to Lilith, Mary Magdelene, Mother Nature, Hathor, and Sekhmet.  Mary Magdelene and Lilith are two strong women representing the divine feminine and by finding and using our individual voices and power, we make progress toward a world without patriarchy. I was born under the sign of Scorpio and planet Pluto, with Black Moon Lilith in my 7th house/Taurus; she affects my design in five different ways. My birth chart alone has set me on a course for helping others with themes of death and rebirth: transformation or alchemy is in my blood. And with my clinical psychology background experience, you will receive comfort in understanding how your challenges all connect to the very essence of who you are.

You see, I’ve been walking this path since I was birthed into a family full of male toxicity, then a long marriage to a narcissistic male. I was so dependent, I had lost myself to such a degree, that it took a big shock of betrayal to wake me up. Thus, my journey of rewilding, reconnecting and becoming sovereign in my world began. This was 16 years ago, the age of my youngest son. Mary Magdelene and her heart opening teachings has been a big part of that journey. I AM love. It’s how I breathe. Five years ago, I designed my own trip to follow her footsteps in France. I live from my heart and will always call your attention to yours. I’ve traveled around the world to soak up the energy of wisdom schools in Egyptian temples and pyramids, Sacred sites in Ireland, England and Italy. This wisdom will be shared with you. You will also benefit from my strong connection with our Mother Gaia, earth, nature … designing your own nature-connected homework assignments. My essence of hawk, water and dove; vision/freedom, the sensual/emotional body, and grace/love is the right combination to help you cultivate inner peace and harmony. I feel super grateful for the guidance I receive from my animal totems, and higher realms. I will demonstrate how to trust your own instincts and guidance, especially inside your relationships.

Please ask about discounts or a sliding scale if you need financial assistance.

Drop me a note! Let me know if you’d rather be included in a group session with other women craving a loving connection with their own inner wilderness.

For more information about me, please go to my social media accounts on Instagram (Naturelifecoach4u) and Facebook (anewleaf4u and Karyn DoveHawk) where I regularly post inspiration from nature and guidance for cultivating inner peace.

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60 minutes: $128.00
Free 30 min Introductory Session: $0.00

Working with Karyn was an amazing experience. She was able to hold space for me to explore deep in
many layers that I was not aware were involved in the issue I wanted to shift. After the protocols I felt a
big relief and wrap in a soothing blanket of clear energy. I loved when she set the intentions and called
the spirits of nature. I am looking forward to having more sessions with Karyn. ~ PV
P. Valencia 08/24/2022
Karyn has a depth and wisdom of ecology and the Earth that is profound. Her passion and co-creation with Nature and her healing approach is very intuitive, integrative, supportive, encouraging, and illuminating. I love how she weaves her own mastery and unique skill set with your Aleya Dao energetic protocols. Karen asks deep questions and provides the most gentle and supportive stance to go wherever the client wants to go with such patience, kindness, curiosity and wisdom. Karen helps me reach within myself a deeper terrain I have never experienced before. I finish feeling so humble, grateful, renewed and excited. Karen’s awareness is very powerful and I’m really honored to have met and worked with Karen thru your community. ♥ï¸
Vanessa 06/03/2022
Through her clear vision, Karyn beautifully connected the dots related to my challenge and supported me to return to my heart!
Laurie D. 05/18/2022
60 minutes: $128.00
Free 30 min Introductory Session: $0.00

Intro: I’m Karyn DoveHawk