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Amplify Supportive Energies in Denser Dimensions

Today the energy is all about empowerment.
Use today's fresh cup to amplify supportive energies in the denser dimensions.
I spoke about this concept and energetic practice in the most recent TALL Cup session.
When you witness and amplify supportive energies in the dimensions that are closer to the physical dimension it has the ability to reflect into the physical terrain to a greater degree.

  • Hold your awareness in your divine line.
  • Identify a supportive energy you would like to amplify in the physical terrain.
  • Reference yourself in the dimensions that are denser and closer to the physical terrain.
  • Activate and amplify this supportive energy in these denser dimensions.
  • Chant "Activate the desired vibrations, in the energetic grids, and in the divine cosmic loop, in these denser dimensions.
  • Hold space to weave these vibrational grids that hold this quality in these denser dimensions.

Be surrounded and embody supportive energies in the denser dimensions.

How does today's cup feel for you?

Join me for the next TALL Cup on Monday.

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Comments & Discussion

Wonderful thank you for your feedback 🙏🏻
May 31st 2024
Timing is spot on. Also, thank you for the chant. 🙏🏽
May 31st 2024
Perfect thank you
May 31st 2024
I've been unclear on how to connect with these lower density dimensions to effect change here. This Cup is perfect & comes at the right time. Much appreciated.
May 31st 2024
Timely, supportive, and very much needed. Deeply appreciated. Thank you.
May 31st 2024