Next TALL Cups Tele-Video Sessions

Join Aleya for a 1-hour live and recorded tele-video energy balancing session every three weeks.

Upcoming Tall Cup of Consciousness

The next TALL Cup will be...

Monday, August 5th at 6:00 p.m. (Pacific Time)


Join Aleya for a 1 hr. live tele-video session. 

Use your energy fields to shift and transform all aspects of your life.

A live and recorded video-tele conference call session.
Energy balancing session. Shift your energetic fields and transform your consciousness and life.

Anchor in, get clear, and enjoy the ride! 


Topics for this TALL Cups Session: 

  • Locate and utlize your energetic resources.
  • Calibrate to a faster energetic pulse.
  • Stay grounded and clear.
  • Release the fear in mass consciousness.
  • And more...

You can join over the internet and watch the video or join over the phone.

You will be able to watch the video and listen to the audio files after the live call as well. 

Every 3 weeks Aleya holds a live tele/video-Internet energy balancing TALL Cup session.


Save money and do the Recurring TALL Cups Sessions for $15 instead of $18. 

(ADD TO CART then select "Recurring")

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