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Heal Back of Heart Chakra Awaken Etheric Wings Light Language Activation

Today's first cup is a light language activation to help you clean the back of your heart chakra and expand your etheric wings.

It is time to stretch your wings and prepare for an energetic expansion.

Let yourself drift, heal, and shift with this sound scape.

The second cup is very different and can help your body fall back to sleep in the night.

 How do today's cups feel for you?

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Comments & Discussion

Wonderful thank you so much for your feedback 🙏🏻😁💕
June 12th 2024
Thank you so much Aleya. I was really struggling with sleep the last two nights and appreciate your offering and its timing.
June 12th 2024
I really enjoyed the releasing in the 2nd meditation. Will listen again sometime. Felt like it lowered my blood pressure, closer to normal for me. The 1st one was soothing.
June 12th 2024
These are very different. I yawned and burped, which I don't usually do with the cups. Also a tingling in my left side. I felt my wings grow and they were translucent. Very cool. Thank you.
June 12th 2024
Very beautiful, powerful and empowering. Thank you.
June 12th 2024
Thank you!
June 12th 2024
Good morning these are so appreciated. I fell asleep with the root chakra expansion which released a great deal of energy in dream time related to ancestral and past experiences especially associated with fear and separation so the back of the heart chakra cleansing was perfect especially Awakening the etheric wings. I've noticed my body is very heavy and weighed down with the bundles. The second
protocol returned alot if energy to me for use by me. I will listen again. I hope you have an amazing angel blessed day my friend ❤😇 much love to you
June 12th 2024