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Remember the Other Side and Feel Your Spiritual Family

The veils are thin between the realms right now. Use this time to remember the other side and your spiritual family. Today's cup is light language, toning, and an energetic protocol to help you thin the veils, remember, and feel your spiritual family.


  • Invite your Guides, Spiritual Family, and Team to encircle you in a higher realm.
  • Use your breath to bring your awareness into your divine line.
  • Ground and anchor yourself in your divine line.
  • Invite your Higher Self to connect with your spiritual family.
  • Open to receive a packet of energetic information of love and remembrances from your spiritual family.
  • Move into gratitude for the experience that you are having at this time.
May you remember the other side and your spiritual family as you move here in this world.

I recorded this cup yesterday morning and was very moved by the energetic impact. I would love to get your feedback about how today's cup feels for you.


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Hi Aleya, I felt the energy of this cup move right through me in waves. It felt like crystal bowl energy and I went deeply into the process of connecting with the other side. Very reassuring and beautiful. Thank you!!
So perfect, thank you
Thank you SO much for this Aleya! The connection with the 'other side' was palpable! The music was beautiful and so supportive for this work.
Someone once told me that my guides are so close at hand that I don't feel them but if they left then I would,that comment has stayed with me, but I yearn to feel them more. There are times of greater intensity when the experience is more profound, mirroring my emotion or the need. As is common with these cups, I benefit by listening twice back to back and as I did today, especially when I dropped into my heart there was an immediate distinct vibrational shift, albeit brief. The info is still in the higher realms, ears ringing signaling some exchange. I did hear, "you don't need to carry all of the weight" as in we're here to shield and help you, again infinity sign physically. Needing to ground more, as my body has a bit of sustained headache the last few days, the "prayer" to healing relationships the other day was very profound for me, not the words but the connection and vibration. Great day everyone!
So beautiful. I listened twice. First listen a few tears. The second listen I felt a sense of warmth, comfort, sweetness lightness and ease. Like a a very soft light blanket and a breeze at the same time. A lovely and slightly melancholy feeling I have. Thank you for this cup. I will listen often.

Recorded 04/26/2019