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Be Attached to Your Own Actualization of Your Greatest Potential

This Cup is all about moving into a healthier, more co-creative relationship with others and yourself. Hold all of your attachment for actualizing your greatest potential on yourself as opposed to others.


  • Hold your awareness in your divine line.
  • Feel into your desire to awaken.
  • Lift your desire for others to actualize their highest potential off of them.
  • Hold your desire nuggets for actualizing your highest potential on yourself.
  • Acknowledge your courage.
  • Return all responsibility that you are holding for actualizing someones potential. 
  • Lift your girds for actualizing your highest potential off other and bring those grids back to you.
  • Hold a compassionate space for another as they awaken in their own way.
  • Return all empathic sensations. Give that fuel back to them.
  • Model the solution and send information.
May you actualize your highest potential and model that in the world.

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User Comments

Best Cup ever! Thank you. It seems like it WAS (ha key tense..) my default to want friends boyfriends and family to actualize their potential to the point where I lose energy and get frustrated with them. Your words and protocol so succinct makes it SO helpful to follow. Thank you Aleya. Xxxx
Karen C
This meditation was probably the most powerful one I've experienced. It calls me out and makes me aware of how I am hampering another healing.
Thank you Thank you Thankyou to you and your guides for this information.
OMG....the second one is phenomenal....I know this from my work with you on myself with my family members, but I heard this framed with my work I’m doing Reconnecting Community..., I can weave this into my work with the children ...weaving this with affect labeling and lately a lot of managing discursive positioning. Thanks!

Recorded 04/08/2019