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Release Without the Edge of Grief or Anger

Use this meditation to release and let go of all of the old limitations and patterns without using the emotions of anger, frustration, or grief. Take a moment to release consciously so that it does not bubble up and over.

  • Energetically locate all of the energies you are releasing and invite your Higher Self to do the heavy lifting.
  • Release the need to use the emotions as the mechanism for releasing the limitations.
  • Tones to help the conscious release.
  • Bring in holograms of support for the conscious release.
May you release with ease and grace.


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User Comments

Yes! Just what I've been trying to do all week...even during dreamtime...and just not quite getting it. Slumping in a grateful release. Will listen to again a bit later to get the remnants. Thank you so so much! Wishing you a grace-filled holiday.
Thank you Dear seems there is some mechanism that is allowing for release during night time...I've noticed an 'ability' to let go during the night a couple times. xoxo
LOL Aleya :)
Felt like a roto rooter going through me. Bring on the In-Laws!
When I recorded this one yesterday I found it had a bit of kick to it. Feel free to share your feedback on how this one feels.

Recorded 11/21/2012