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Repair Your Divine Cosmic Loop

Today is a repair the divine cosmic loop day. Use today's first cup, that I recorded the other day while teaching a small class, to repair any breaks in your divine cosmic loop. The stronger your divine cosmic loop is the more connected you will feel.

Today is also a new Moon and perfect time to set your new Moon intentions as you move into a more connected state.


  • Scan the divine cosmic loops of you, your body, and Teams.
  • Energetically locate any breaks in your loops.
  • Repair your divine cosmic loop with the light of your essence.
  • Toning to help you repair your divine cosmic loop.
  • Stream your creative energy in your divine cosmic loop.
  • Run the vibrations of your mastery in your divine cosmic loop.
May you hold a connected state as you move in the day, sleep, dream, and play.

I am does today's cup feel for you? Potent? Gentle? 


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User Comments

All 3 were very grounding and healing, thanks for knowing what the group energy needs! You are a GEM~
Yes....gentle. I’m thinking this stronger divine line could be helpful in my quest to not get so drained at work. Almost like a positive loving force field :)
Together, these 3 cups felt very grounding and it was like there was a release in my whole body. Thank you!
Wonderful thank you 🙏🏻
First one is great, deep, soothing!
All of these cups together felt great - gentle and potent at the same time. I loved the visual of the cosmic loop while listening, it really helped me to get a better understanding of what’s happening. Thank you Aleya!

Recorded 04/05/2019