Balance and Calm

7 min. audio meditations with energetic protocols and sound healing to help find balance, calm and connection.

Sound Bath to Reset Your Central Nervous System

Energetic update...

The grids are in a major shift right now.

(More about that in the coaching sessions this week on Thursday the 13th - which will be Wednesday's coaching.)

When your girds are shifting it can unsettle the central nervous system.

Use today's first cup to reset your central nervous system with a soothing sound bath.

While listening to this sound bath use your breath to pull yourself into this present breath of now.

Let some part of you drop into a place of stillness and follow the sound.

If you feel inspired chant along as your body resets it central nervous system, timing, and sense of connection to the nature fabric.

When you move into stillness you are able to reset to a more supported way of being.

The toning and light language can help you reweave yourself back into a deeper state of connection.

Release the stress and tension. Find the calm and flow.

  • Toning and light language to reset your central nervous system.

Hold space for your body to reweave its fabric into a state of connection and calm.

How do today's cups feel for you?

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Comments & Discussion

Powerful. I saw the base chakra cleansing and clearing so much known and unknown. The first meditation was soul and body healing and regulating. I will save and utilize these. Thank you!🙏🏽
June 12th 2024
Each time I get close to evolving I get pulled like a rubber band back to habitual suffering. Thank you for this gift and for helping me gently flow back into my center to heal. So much gratitude!
June 11th 2024
Both these meditations caused my body to physically release. I had involuntary muscle twitches and jerks. My body was letting go of so much. I have not been able to sleep these past few days and now I know why. I’m going to listen to them again tonight to make sure I get the full shift. Thank you so much Aleya
June 11th 2024
Blew the roof off on both cups. Our cups runneth over The inheritance of lifetimes.. yes, why keep them in coffers.
June 11th 2024
Yes, I agree with everything Jeannette said. I need to make the same shifts and it’s funny how this gives me permission and why I feel I need that.
2 powerful meditations!
June 11th 2024
Two beautiful meditations, The second one hit the ball out of the ballpark! For a long time, I felt guilty About wanting to retire and not having the means to do that.
The second meditation of holding a large base chakra and you Aleya verbally saying it’s OK to retire and do other things putting it in words makes that so doable. I don’t feel guilty now about wanting to have all the resources to retire from this path and starting a new one!😍
June 11th 2024