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Repair Your Connection and Communication Grids for Greater Reflection with Compassion

Repair all of your connection and communication grids with this Cup for greater reflection and compassion.

When you repair how you connect with your light you shift how you are able to expression your essence, wisdom, and mastery. This protocol helps you have clear communication and respond to others with greater compassion.

This Cup is also perfect to use during the Mercury Retrograde which can make communication messy... recalibrate how you connect and communicate.

  • Hold your awareness in your divine line.
  • Reference your grids of connection with your essence and with the essence of others.
  • Reweave and re-calibrate all of your grids of connection internally and externally.
  • Light language and toning to help you repair your connection grids.
  • As you repair your inner and outer connection grids you are able to express and receive information with greater clarity and compassion.

As you connect with your essence more deeply you are able to express your wisdom more clearly.

For a deeper level of support, get the

Safety Harmonic Reweave TALL Cup.

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Just listened to this today 💜 what a gem 💎 so very sweet and tender 😍
Great appreciation and deep gratitude for your gifts Aleya 💞
October 3rd 2021
Sweet 🙏
October 1st 2021
October 1st 2021