7 min. audio meditations with energetic protocols and sound healing to help find clarity in all areas of your life. Find direction and purpose.

Take More Time to Prepare for a Supported Life

Take more time to prepare for this incarnation with this Cup so that it has the capacity to be even more supportive, connected, and empowered from this point forward...
Increase support, release the stress, and find the resources that can help you serve in an even more amazing way.

  • Hold your awareness in your divine line.
  • Invite the Higher Self of you, your body, and Team to go back in time prior to your launch into this world.
  • Stand on your platform of light and take time to prepare for this upcoming incarnation.
  • Clear blocks, set up supportive contracts, connections, relationships, information, and resources.
  • Sit in council in the higher realm's with your guides your advisers and prep for every possible path for this upcoming incarnation.
  • Imagine a path being calibrated that supports you in the fullest expression of your wisdom and mastery.
  • Walk a path that awakens you in a conscious and gentle way.
  • Light language and toning to assist you in your your launch.
  • Activate the vibration of your Souls wisdom and mastery in your divine line.
  • Invite your body and Team to do the same.
  • Reflect this healing and empowered stance through every developmental stage to the breath of now and beyond.
May you take all the time you need to prepare for a supported and amazing adventure.
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Binge listening the new cycle, so this is the third... so far. I so much appreciate the translations in the song at the end. Set a powerful dive from the platform ... let it be me...
October 11th 2021
This is about the third day that your recordings start over near the 1 minute mark. I can go to and download but thought you should know. I am on a Mac using Safari if that helps.....
October 7th 2021
October 7th 2021
October 7th 2021
October 7th 2021
Very nice my words are a bit different ! Just be, be me, be freeπŸ’•
October 7th 2021
October 7th 2021