Compassion, Love, Self-Love

7 min. audio meditations with energetic protocols and sound healing to help find compassion, release the judgment, and quiet the critic.

Be In Inner Love

Use this Cup to move into a place of love.  The more you hold the inner love the more harmonic a vibration you will hold and model in the world.  Open your heart and move into a place of love.  Trust that in every breath you are moving into a deeper state of connection with your essence and modeling that as you move in the world.

  • Hold your awareness in your divine line.
  • Place your hand on your heart chakra.
  • Light language self love activation.
  • Repair, heal, open all of your receptors in your heart and heart chakra.
  • Open to receive the light of your essence more.
  • Open your heart to you.
  • Appreciate, respect that divine part of you.
  • As you hold an open heart to yourself you have the ability to hold an open heart with others in the world.
  • Invite your body and Team to open to receive and love their own light.

May you move into a deep love for the light that flows within you and model that as you move in the world.

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Comments & Discussion

Blissed out! Thanks for these - perfect for today!
November 4th 2020
Heartfelt gratitude Aleya. I feel like my inner being just took a shower! Beaming Love to All.
November 4th 2020
Wonderful. Thank you for your feedback. Aleya
November 4th 2020
donna r
Beautiful and so calming! Much needed especially for this day. Thank you Aleya..
November 4th 2020
Beautiful words and sounds!
November 4th 2020