Compassion, Love, Self-Love

7 min. audio meditations with energetic protocols and sound healing to help find compassion, release the judgment, and quiet the critic.

Be Still and Present in Your Heart Center Sound Bath

This Cup is a little bit different ~ it is a sound bath, light language, toning, and energetic protocol to help you hold your awareness in your heart center and hold a calm, present, still energy within you.

As I began recording it, I felt an angelic presence place their hand on the back of my heart chakra and share this message and these tones with me that I now share with you.  
  ... how does it feel for you?  

  • Place your hands on your heart chakra.
  • Breath into your heart center.
  • Hold your awareness in your divine line.
  • Invite some energetic aspect of you relaxes and finds safety in your heart center.
  • Bring in sounds, colors, and light that bring you peace, calm, safety, and presence into the heart chakra.
  • Relax the neck and shoulders and hold your heart in calm.
  • Invite some energetic aspect of you, your body, and Teams to reference a dimension and in your heart center where you are safe, relaxed, and allow for a release and a relax.
  • Release and relax. Relax and release.
  • Be witnessed by your Guides, Team, and advisors as you hold a safe, supported, relaxed, and calm stance.

Hold a calm, centered, stance in your heart as you move in the day, sleep, dream, and play.

Audio Sample


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Karyn DoveHawk
So beautiful, sweet and soothing! Merry Christmas, sending lots of love!
December 25th 2021
Sending a heart full of love to you Aleya and to all those you hold dear on this most glorious Christmas Eve.
December 24th 2021
Deep gratitude for this and all you share Aleya 🙏 ❤ Happy Holidays ⛄🌲💝
December 24th 2021
Jane R
Peaceful ...calm... grounding...loved the calmer slower pace. ✨🎄✨🌅✨💖✨
December 24th 2021
Thank you Aleya✨🧚🏻‍♀️🌈Happy Hoildays… I felt a release in my neck..
December 24th 2021
Beautiful ♥️🕊🎄🌟
December 24th 2021
Thank you Dearest Aleya!! Your words and vibrations ripple so deeply into and through my life. With eternal gratitude and joy!! So Many Blessings, ❤️ Cheryl
December 24th 2021
Beautiful message, tears of joy, sending Love and Blessings for a happy holiday to you and Doug from me and Ed!
December 24th 2021
Love this !! Happy holidays
December 24th 2021
Thank you so much! Happy holidays! Love and many blessings!
December 24th 2021
Beautiful, sweet and peaceful. Thank you Aleya! May you have all that you like and want in this present moment. Merry Christmas🎄🙏❤️
December 24th 2021
I would like to echo Margaret's comment. With deep gratitude, Happy Holidays Aleya and team!
December 24th 2021
Thank you, Aleya, for being in my life. Your presence has made a difference in my life these past years!! Happy Holidays!
December 24th 2021