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Download, listen, or watch the videos of the DEEP Energetic Dive Intensives with Aleya.

France DEEP Dive May 2017

This is THE MEGA RETREAT that will help you Dive Deep. 


Packed with extraordinary, powerful energetic activations, advanced perspectives, pearls of wisdom, and protocols for you, your Body Deva, and Team to expand into even greater mastery and empowerment in all areas of your life.


Aleya creates a safe and sacred space with authenticity and healing humor for you to GO IN and GO BIG to the next level.  


Soften your mind and immerse yourself in this 7 hour-long DEEP Dive as Aleya expertly and warmly shares her teachings of the 7 Gateways Principles with specific and practical applications to incorporate into your day-to-day living.  


You can listen again and again as the information is timely, timeless, and profoundly layered. 


(7 hours of audio files.)

*Suitable for those with a fundamental working knowledge of the 7 Gateway Principles.



France Deep Dive May 2017