Download DEEP Energetic Dives

Download, listen, or watch the videos of the DEEP Energetic Dive Intensives with Aleya.
Audio Files Deep Dive Spring 2020 [03/16/2020]
Listen to the audio files of the Spring 2020 Deep Dive Retreat.   There are 50 individual audio files.  I have also created
Deep Dive Avila Spring 2019 [04/06/2019]
Get the audio files from the Spring 2019 Deep Dive Retreat    This deep dive is filled with new insights and deeper
Mini Deep Dive in Ohio - October 2017 [11/01/2017]
Mini Deep Dive in Ohio on October 28th 2017 3+ hours of audio files. This Deep Dive covers the following... Lots of Layers
Mini Deep Dive Ohio October 2017 [10/28/2017]
Download the audio files from the Mini Deep Dive in Westlake, Ohio October 2017   Connect with your Guides, Increase Support, and
Deep Dive 2016 [11/05/2016]
2016 DEEP Dive   This is the DEEP Dive brings us to the sun and sand in beautiful Miami.   A powerful, gem packed
Deep Dive 2015 [11/07/2015]
2015 DEEP Dive   This is the DEEP Dive, plus the mini-Deep Dive I did in Mountain View, my Seven Cups class
Support, Empowerment, Body, & Team DEEP Dive 2014 [11/08/2014]
Gather tools and protocols to help you...    Move into greater empowerment. Connect with your body. Help you body heal. Connect with your Team. Help your
Body Deva DEEP Dive - November 2014 [11/08/2014]
Watch or listen to this 4hr. Body Deva DEEP Dive.   Tools to help your body move into greater empowerment, connection, release
Team, Body, Earth DEEP Dive (Just Saturday) [11/09/2013]
This Energetic Deep Dive Intensive has 3+ hours of material.    You can listen to the MP3 audio file or watch part
Team, Body, Earth Deep Dive November 2013 [11/08/2013]
Download 3 days of audio and video files from Aleya's 2013 November DEEP Dive. Almost 9 hours of audio and 3
Guides, Team, Body, Tones DEEP Dive -April 2013 [04/13/2013]
Download a 3 1/2 hour video (also available as an audio session) Tools for release the co-dependence Increase empowerment and clarity Help your
Heal Body and Manifest DEEP Dive - January 2013 [01/12/2013]
Increase physical health and manifest your intentions. A 3hr and 20 min. video and audio intensive walking you through the steps
DEEP Dive May 2017
Packed with extraordinary, powerful energetic activations, advanced perspectives, & pearls of wisdom.