Download DEEP Energetic Dives

Download, listen, or watch the videos of the DEEP Energetic Dive Intensives with Aleya.

Mini Deep Dive Ohio October 2017 [10/28/2017]

Download the audio files from the Mini Deep Dive in Westlake, Ohio October 2017


Connect with your Guides, Increase Support, and Release Your Challenges

This is a five-hour intensive class to teach you the formula that can help you connect with your Guides. Use the higher dimensions to shift your inner life. As your inner life transforms it is reflected in the outer world. Find your inner perfection, cultivate greater self-love, balance, and live a life of service in a healthy co-creative way.

  • Increase support by using the higher realms. 
  • Master the steps for releasing your challenges.
  • Connect with the divine power that resides within. 


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