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Mini-Deep Dive for the Body - 10-09-16 [10/09/2016]

Help your body heal, awaken, and manifest.

Use your energy fields and the higher realms to transform, change, and heal.
A 2.3 hour intensive will focus on awakening, enlightening, and empowering the body consciousness.


• Empower and awaken your body

• Heal body pain

• Increase self-control

• Amplify self-love in the body

• Increase your connection with your body

• Ride in the body in an empowered and connected way

• Help your body let go of issues and heal old wounds

• Release aging as the mechanism for awakening

• Clear ancestral body issues

• Heal birth trauma and trauma from previous incarnations


The more awake and empowered your body is the healthy, happier, and more supported you will be.

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