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227. Restorative, Reinvention, Reset TALL Cup [06/03/2024]


Increase Support and believe in Self so you can reinvent self.

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This session covers..


  • When our ancestors are no longer here, they exist in other dimensions. We may empathically feel them, or hold responsibility that rightly belongs to them.
  • The 6-planet alignment allows us to retrieve responsibility for ourselves, and release responsibility for others, including ancestors and people you care about. This impacts our support. 
  • Pick a spot in the distance. Focus on that spot with the mind. Allow the energy fields to do the work. 
  • Protocols to release supporting ancestors and supporting your spiritual family in other dimensions.
  • Protocol to release layers of supporting the father in the tailbone and hips. 
  • Releasing the patriarchal energy binding us which is draining our energetic fields and creating fatigue.
  • The six-planet alignment is giving us huge support for clearing our energetic fields of old paradigms. Receive activations from the 6 planets for exponential support to reset and reinvent yourself on profound levels.
  • Release the need to receive external validation and affirmation in order to meet your core needs.
  • Meet your core needs internally in a healthy co-creative way. Reweave your support, Body deva through nature kingdom consciousness.
  • The 6-planet energetic container holds sounds for greater connection, alignment, and clarity. Open to receive this in your divine line. Open crown chakra and base chakra to receive. Activate a more harmonic sound in your cosmic loop: soul rider, body, teams. Release old discordant sounds of fear and victimization. Move into a harmonic balanced tone.
  • Retrieve your self-belief which you have inadvertently streamed on others you have cared about. The will be a 7-day practice. 
  • Explanation about manifestation in the physical dimension. 
  • Often we have a hard time focusing because we hold our awareness in multiple layers in a dimension.
  • Protocol for manifestation and increasing supportive resources in the physical dimension.
  • Balance your electrical and magnetic energy in the individual divine cosmic loops for soul rider, body and teams.  Do nightly.

This session is supportive, empowering, and has 17 layers, which means you can listen 17 times if you wish, or just once.

Your desires and intuition are your best guide.

Each time you listen some part of your will receive a different layer, shift and healing.


Allow for integration in dream time.

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amazing cup thank you Aleya 💖The reinvention/self-belief piece was big for me I started crying before we even started the protocol..
June 4th 2024