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46. Ganesh, Trust, Support, Earth TALL Cup [01/20/2014]

A soft, gentle, supportive, clearing session.

  • Calibrate the energy centers of base chakra  (or base center for Team)  for you, your body and team for the present moment. Allow Gaia to send energetic information about how to be in the present moment.
  • Gather the base chakra/base center fragments from the past and the future where you are looking for support and bring them back to the present moment.
  • Activate beauty in the base chakra and receive trust, flow and the ability to surrender.
  • Receive from Ganesh a prayer to release fear, struggle. He will speak it and you will receive it to degree you choose.
  • Embed the frequencies of trust from Ganesh.
  • Receive the path of greatest potential and support laid out by Gaia in conjunction with your soul essence before you incarnated. Pull your energy off plans created by others for you.
  • Release the old way of dissolving old grids with fear and struggle.
  • Link to the beauty/grace grids of joy, love and laughter available to us now.
  • Invite the body deva’s higher self to repair the crystalline structures around the ovaries/testes that enable the body deva to connect to the creativity of Gaia
  • Invite the body deva to repair the crystalline grids in the heart chakra to receive the vibration of pure beauty
  • Invite the body deva to use the divine blueprint to repair energy centers damaged when body deva has been controlled by soul rider or other influences
  • Allow your body deva to do its job  - manifesting.
  • Invite your team to pull all controlling energy back to their own divine lines, release the body deva. Team to turn their wisdom and mastery and gifts on themselves and model right energy to you.

There are 7 layers in this session. 

Which means you can listen 7 times if you wish. 

Each time you listen some part of your will receive a different layer, shift and healing.


This is a great session to listen to when you have anxiety, need to fall asleep, need greater support, or have issues around fear of the not enough.

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I just revisited this one. It's very healing. I certainly needed a refresher!
April 14th 2017
Absolutely divine ....
October 10th 2014