Earth, Nature Kingdom, Moon, Sun

7 min. audio meditations with energetic protocols and sound healing to help balance with the lunar, Sun, and Earth energies. Meditations to embrace the Nature Kingdom.

Downloads on the Moonbeams

Tomorrow is the full Moon.

Use today's cup to open to receive energetic downloads that are coming in on the Moonbeams. :)

When you reference dimensions where you can open to receive supportive information, you increase your capacity to transform using the energetic transmissions coming from the Moon.

  • Hold your awareness in your divine line.
  • Reference the dimensions where you can receive appropriate harmonic vibrations that are streaming on the Moonbeams.
  • Calibrate your energetic fields to receive information.
  • Silently or out loud chant calibrate my fields to receive the downloads on the Moonbeams.
  • Hold space for that energetic aspect of you to open your energetic receptors.
  • Imagine standing in a gentle shower of Moonbeams.
  • Allow for cleansing, recalibration, and reconfiguration of your fields.

Open to receiving appropriate energetic information on the Moonbeams.

How does today's cup feel for you?

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Loved Gentle Shower of Moonbeams
May 22nd 2024
Thank you for this - so perfect
May 22nd 2024
Lovely. I am going to create a full moon ritual and go outside. It is finally a little warmer here so I can go outside at night. I live in Colorado.Thank you for the image of the moon beams.
May 22nd 2024