7 min. audio meditations with energetic protocols and sound healing to help you increase empowerment, protection, calm, increase hope, self love, support, and trust. Release unhealthy patterns. Release the victim energy.

Increase Fulfillment in the Body

Find fulfillment internally with this Cup for you and your Body Deva.
Hold space for your body to be fulfilled within.

This can also help decrease the need for snacking and other things the body may do to be fulfilled.

The more fulfilled your body is the more supported it will be in the world.

  • Hold your awareness in your own divine line.
  • Recognize that you are a divine being of light riding in the body.
  • Your body is a nature spirit and is a being that is in a process of awakening.
  • Attach your divine line to the front of the spine.
  • Travel up your divine line to your Higher Self.
  • Connect with your body's Higher Self.
  • Invite your body at the level of its Higher Self to energetically reference all of its reference points for fulfillment that it has placed externally.
  • Invite your body to bring these reference points for fulfillment back to its divine line.
  • Invite your body to activate and amplify a current of fulfillment in its divine line.
  • Invite the Higher Self of you and your Team to bring all of your reference points for fulfillment back to your own divine lines.
  • Retrieve all responsibility for experiencing fulfillment.
  • Tones to assist you, your body, and Team in moving into greater inner fulfillment.
May your body find its fulfillment internally as it moves in the world.


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August 4th 2022