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Recalibrate Your Roots, Feet, and Magnetics

The energetic weather right now is all about grounding, and recalibrating your roots. Use today's cup to strengthen and stabilize your magnetic and roots. (This is a perfect cup to release money fears and support issues.)

  • Invite your body to connect with its magnetics, roots, base chakra, and feet chakras.
  • Gently release the old magnetic roots and grids.
  • Weave new roots from your base chakra and feet chakras.
  • Tones to assist you in releasing the old roots and weaving new roots.
  • Take a moment to weave a new root magnetic system that completely supports the body.
  • Balance and stabilize.
May you move into a more supported stance in each breath.

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User Comments

You can tell this is new.
Great toning and beautiful background music. You really hit some strong peaceful tones!
I need this today, listening 3x so far. Beautiful!
Also so very timely for me today, thank you :)
Wow! Beautiful Aleya!! Thank you!!
Beautiful ?new?. Music!
Lisa C.

Recorded 09/06/2019