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Lions Gate Activation 08-08-22

The Lions Gate happens every year on 08-08 when a portal opens between Earth and Sirius.

This year the energetic activation is impacting your entire being but especially the third chakra, heart, and crown, and the water element within your body.  The energy might be feeling a bit intense right now.

Use this Cup to help you receive an appropriate bundle of information that activates a deeper inner wisdom within you.

And... for a deeper dive into the Lion's Gate, get the Lions Gate Backstage Pass TALL Cup.

  • Energetically reference the portal, door, window that is opening at this time.
  • Bring in filters, stabilizers, shapes, sounds, and light that help you receive only the information that serves and supports you at this time.
  • Bring in the sounds, color, and light that helps you heal.
  • Receive energetic activations that help support and empower you.
  • Light language activation.
  • Light language translation... we open to receive that which has the ability to serve, awaken, stabilize, and empower and, to receive appropriate energetic information from the wise ones in the other dimensions.
  • Hold space for some energetic aspect of you to receive appropriate energetic information.

Activate, amplify, and embody a deeper level of wisdom on the Lions Gate portal.


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Janice Sapphire
Oh I forgot about the tall cups tonight. I was having a challenging day today. Can't wait for replay of tall cups
August 8th 2022
August 8th 2022
August 8th 2022
The time of the cup is 11:51 = 8! Perfect!
August 8th 2022
Loved,Perfect Thank YOU
August 8th 2022
Thankyou Aleya, F A B instant results,
August 8th 2022
August 8th 2022