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Calling Forth the New Day - Directions

A few months ago I recorded a cup calling in the energy of the four directions.

Today's cup is slightly similar but with a slightly different layer.

I have also included the other "calling in the directions" cup as well.

(This is a practice that I have done for years in the morning that helps increase a sense of connection, balance, and support.

Today's cup is a gentle chant to help you invoke the energy for a new day.

Hold your awareness in this present moment.

Imagine or stand facing East with your eyes closed looking in the direction of the Sun.

The second portion of the this cup is a light language chant that holds the intentions of this invocation.

Silently or out loud, say these words...

Face the East.

"To the East, to the new day, to beginnings, to curiosity, to embracing the beginner's mind. To the East, be in my circle now."

Face the South,

"To the South, to the energy of passion, fire, joy. Be in my circle now."

Face the West.

"To the West, to courage, to letting go, to allowing for a graceful flow. To the West, be in my circle now."

Face the North.

"To the North, to strength, determination, and perseverance. To the North, be in my circle now."

Face the Sky.

"To the Sky, to the ones in the other realms, who hold love and light. Who hold vigil and model harmonic ways of being. Be in my circle now."

Touch the Earth or gaze down at the soil.

"To Mother Earth. To your sweetness, your compassion, your gentleness, your beauty. Be in my circle now."

Take a moment to hold space as some energetic aspect of you embraces this connected circle that hold the energies that support you as you move in the day sleep, dream and play.

Be in my circle now.

Hold your awareness in your mind and perceive from a place of connection compassion, curiosity, determination,  grace and flow.

Invoke the directions and qualities that support you as you move in the day, sleep, dream, and play.

How do today's cups feel for you?

Which one is your favorite?

Do you feel a shift?

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Comments & Discussion

Thank you Aleya
December 4th 2023
I resonate with the words of the first meditation. I do enjoy your chanting on the newest!
December 4th 2023
I prefer the original Calling Forth the Directions. 😊
December 4th 2023
Empowering and feeling whole. 😊
December 4th 2023
Wonderful thank you so much for your feedback 🙏🏻😊
December 4th 2023
I love these! Gorgeous! Thank you 😊
December 4th 2023
Thank you, Aleya. Beautiful and helpful. Thank you for all you do.
December 4th 2023
What a wonderful way to start the day! Thank you so much Aleya!!!
December 4th 2023
Very deep grounding with the earth and the sky and the winds - I feel deeply protected and connected. Thank you
December 4th 2023
I liked aspects of both. It used to be a daily practice. Thank you for reviving it.
December 4th 2023
Much gratitude for sharing this beautiful chant. Very grounding yet expansive 🌟
December 4th 2023