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7 minute audio meditations to help increase energetic protection, safety, and empowerment.

Clean Your Back Roots For Greater Protection and Support

When the veils are thin it is an important time to increase protection.

Use today's cup to increase support and protection.

You have energetic roots like a tree.

Clean the roots behind you and below you.

When your roots are clean you will feel more protected, supported, and vibrant.

Your roots also impact your brain function.

Sip on this youtube about the roots and the brain.

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  • Hold your awareness in your divine line.
  • Reference your roots behind you.
  • Bring in colors, sounds, and light that have the capacity to repair and clean the roots behind you, the back of your base chakra, and your foot chakras.
  • Low tones to repair and clean your back roots.
  • Repair the crystalline structures within and around your roots.
  • Inhale and exhale into your roots behind you.
  • Clean the lines of communication and connection between your divine line and your body's divine line at the base and second chakra.
  • Bring in appropriate shields that protect and empower your roots.

Repair and clean your back roots for more protection and support.

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