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Release Self-Doubt Hold Your Reference Points In Your Line

Between now and Summer Solstice there is an energetic aspect of you that is doing a deep release.

Use today's cup to shift how you perceive yourself and release any self-doubt.

When you place your reference points externally you will perceive yourself from a place of disconnection.

This can create insecurity and self-doubt.

When you retrieve and hold all of your reference points in your divine line you hold a more empowered connected stance.

  • Hold your awareness in your divine line.
  • Invite the Higher Self of you, your body, and your Teams to reference all of your reference points that you have placed externally.
  • Spin your fields in a clockwise direction to retrieve all of your reference points for perceiving yourself.
  • Light language and toning to help you retrieve your reference points.
  • Hold an internal vertical stance.
  • Amplify gratitude for your gifts which moves you into humility with your mastery.

Hold your awareness internally and vertically which dissolves self-doubt.

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Comments & Discussion

I appreciate your grounded spirit Aleya. I'm frazzled with pain this morning and your clarity offers gentle relief. Reading the other comments is a lovely reminder of your connected community. Beaming with gratitude.
June 9th 2023
So many layers and yet so simple. Love the timing and toning. Many thank you’s
June 9th 2023
I will certainly be saving this one for future use, thank you Aleya.
June 9th 2023
it has contributed so much to my awareness. This is the first time I have yawned so much in one of your meditations. thank you, grateful for your presence
June 9th 2023