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Set Up Your Future Journey

Use today's fresh cup (recorded yesterday) to set up your future journey.

This cup was inspired by the most recent TALL Cup session.

When you use your position in the physical dimension to set up a supportive future for yourself it happens effortlessly.

When you create a supportive future that ripples back to you here.

In a strange way...when you create a supportive reality for yourself when you are back over on the other side you can actually be more present here and now.

How does today's cup feel for you?

I love your feedback. 

  • Hold your awareness in your divine line.
  • Sit in council with your Guides and advisors and ponder what would support you in the future.
  • Set up a supportive, fulfilling future reality for you and your body in a supportive realm.
  • Chant - "We are setting up a supportive future in another dimension after this incarnation."
  • Witness yourself setting up a supportive future in another dimension.
  • Allow for that support in the future to ripple to you here.

Set up a supportive future journey for yourself on the other side.

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Comments & Discussion

Isn't the future realm just helping us in this one? I realised what I was setting up in the future one was actually what I want, and have partially, in this Life!??
February 28th 2024
Thank you. Listening to the second cup first I tried to imagine that other dimension but didn’t feel it.
February 28th 2024
I am inspired to create! I think it would have been good to listen to the second cup first, but it has inspired me to start really creating the future that will contribute to all the positive things my heart yearns for.
February 28th 2024
This was amazing thank you ❤️
February 28th 2024
I think the deep brief set up for the future would’ve been nice to hear first lol. I really like that idea. I feel more comfortable about the first meditate after listening to the explanation.
Thank you, Aleya♥️🙏
February 28th 2024
Second cup gave a great explanation of utilizing the other dimensions to craft what we desire here on earth. Very clear.
February 28th 2024
I feel very fortunate to receive this information. Thank you Aleya! :)
February 28th 2024